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What are the reasons for the failure of electronic wires

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1、 Insulation damp: it may be due to improper use or improper construction, which may cause the insulation layer to get damp, which further leads to the abnormal power on of the harness. Because in some humid environment, the resonance generated when the harness is used will crack, and water molecules will enter easily, so the electronic harness will be affected by moisture. Then in view of this situation, we should timely strengthen the protection of the insulation layer of the harness, or consider replacing the harness when it is serious. 2、 Damaged: in the process of using the wiring harness, due to improper operation, the harness is damaged, resulting in excessive bending of the harness or other symptoms, resulting in it can not be normally powered on. For electronic wiring harness, at this time, it is necessary to check what the condition is, and then carry out maintenance. If maintenance is not possible, consider replacing the harness. 3、 Over voltage: that is, excessive voltage leads to breakdown of electrical layer, resulting in failure of wiring harness. 4、 It may be the aging of the insulator: the aging and cracking of the insulator will cause the wiring harness to be unable to power on normally. Due to the long-term use, it will lead to poor heat dissipation or overload of the insulator, which will be damaged.