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Does charging speed of mobile phone depend on charging head or data cable?

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As we all know, the charging speed of mobile phone is closely related to the charger. The charger is composed of charging head and data cable.

Does the charging speed of the mobile phone depend on the charging head or the data line?

Make clear this problem, when the charging head or data cable needs to be replaced, the charging speed of the mobile phone will not be slower than that of the original one due to wrong selection.

First tell you the answer: it has something to do with the charging head and the data line. What is the specific relationship? When one of them is broken, how to choose?

What is the relationship between charging speed and charging head?

When charging a mobile phone, the charging head determines the voltage and current. The voltage and current output parameters are marked on the normal charging head.

For a very simple example, your mobile phone supports 5V / 2.4a, which is 12W charging. If the 5W charging speed of the mobile phone is too slow, it will naturally be broken if you change the charging speed of 5V.

Why do data lines affect charging speed?

Therefore, the charging speed of the connection head will also affect the charging speed of the phone. For example, the power of a mobile phone is equivalent to a bucket, the charging head is a faucet, and the data line is a water pipe. To fully charge the mobile phone is equivalent to filling the bucket with water.

At present, the micro USB interface cable on the market can generally transmit current of 2A. However, there are some charging lines without signal core wire, which can only be charged and cannot transmit data. The current supporting transmission is only 500mA, which should be paid attention to when selecting.

In addition, the length of the data line also has a certain impact on the charging speed. The shorter the data line, the faster the charging speed. Generally, the standard data cable of mobile phone is 1 meter. However, we can also match data lines of different lengths in different scenarios. For example, if you use the power bank to charge your mobile phone, it is recommended to choose a short line. If you hold it in your hand, the line does not need to be too long, and the charging speed is also faster.

Of course, if you want to recharge your mobile phone while lying in bed or on the sofa, you don't need to think about the charging time. You can choose a 1.5-meter or 2-meter data line, which is more convenient to use.

To sum up, only if the charging head and data cable are selected correctly, can we achieve fast charging speed.