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What are the main problems in detecting terminal wires?

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In life, people have little chance to contact the terminal wire, mainly because the terminal wire is connected with the equipment in most cases. For example, the terminal line inside the washing machine at home is basically integrated with the main board of the washing machine. When you don't use the washing machine, turn off the power key directly, and the internal terminal line will not touch. If the quality of the product is good enough, there are few faults, even less contact, so many people will not know much about the terminal wire.

In fact, the high-quality terminal wires are processed through strict detection and processing. What problems do we need to pay attention to in the detection of terminal wires?

The following problems should be paid attention to when testing the terminal wire:

1. The two core wire should be well controlled for the outgoing line, and the bad line with off core is not allowed

2. Observe whether there are scratches, granulation, mottled, dirty and other defects on the surface of the extrusion line body

3. The size of the cutting line shall not exceed the tolerance, and the line ends shall be aligned horizontally

4. The surface of wire rod should be clean, and there should be no dirt, scratch, scratch or damage of inner core wire

5. When striking the terminal, it is not allowed to make deep striking, shallow striking, breaking copper wire and breaking

6. If the line block injection molding, to observe whether there is shrinkage, edge, lack of glue, deformation and other defects

7. Whether the color line sequence of the wire material penetrating into the rubber shell is reversed or not in place

8. Make sure that the heat shrinkable sleeve should be put into the terminal wire before passing through the rubber shell