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How to distinguish the quality of power cord

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We can take a power cord and bend it repeatedly by hand. As long as it feels soft, and has good fatigue strength, plastic or rubber handle elasticity, there is no burr on the power cord insulator, no color difference, no cracking, and the skin luster is good. In order to obtain huge profits, the producers of inferior power cord plug produce a large number of inferior power cord products, which disturbs the power cord plug Market. Such products flow into the market, harm the interests of consumers, and directly affect the use of electrical appliances and threaten personal safety.

At present, in order to attract users and mislead consumers, some manufacturers in the wire and power supply market even ignore the national standard products of 100 meters per plate and cut materials to 90 meters. This damages the interests of consumers and disrupts the power line market. Why do these manufacturers make their products 90 meters? The reason is that a few meters less can reduce costs, lower prices and mislead consumers. For example, the PVC insulated copper core plastic wire produced by a certain brand is 3 * 0.75 square meters. According to the certificate, the length is 100 meters, and the actual length is 95 meters. In this way, the cost of 5 meters is reduced and the price is naturally reduced. Therefore, consumers should be careful when purchasing power cord to prevent from entering the wrong area of wire purchasing.

In order to save money and neglect safety, some users specially pick out the inferior wire plugs with low price, insufficient square and big accident potential. We know that the price of the power line can not meet the requirements of some users due to the safety and other factors of the power line. However, some illegal enterprises are unable to manufacture power lines that meet the requirements of national standards in terms of raw material purchase, production, inspection, testing, etc., and their safety is totally unable to be guaranteed. In addition, the insufficient length is added to reduce the price to enter the market and cater to some users. So please don't covet the cheap power cord. Wire is our daily life to contact, so the purchase of power cord can not be ignored.